Say what you will, Tini is the undisputed boss of tutti patschenggele. Having grown up at the nearby Parkhotel Holzner as the eldest of six siblings, hospitality and bossing around is simply in her blood. Chop-chop, that's her motto. And so it was, that when she and her husband Markus had the idea for an upcycling concept store in Oberbozen, there was not even a single moment of hesitation. And then… poof!: shortly after her first son, Friedl, the tutti patschenggele, was born. And all of that on top of two degrees in her pocket: in education and theology. But this incredibly diverse background comes in handy, of course, because she simply uses her pedagogical expertise in dealing with particularly childish customers. And having the good Lord on your side never hurt anyone.
TiniGreetingsMuch to our delight, tutti patschenggele has quickly become the living room of Oberbozen. Our regulars include the simple coffee lover, the hikers and runners who just finished the trail up from Bozen by foot, the after-work evening strollers, the spritz drinkers and the beer lovers, the morning conversationalists and the after-church socialisers.
MarkusCheersWhy is it like that, you ask? We’re not really sure, but we would be so bold as to say that it’s because of the great concept and the fact that we enjoy our work and pour our hearts into it. And the best thing about all this hustle and bustle? That each person fits in at tutti patschenggele in their own way. The carpenter and the world traveller are deep in conversation, the first-timer chats with a regular, Eeny and Meeny are laughing with Miny and Moe, and everybody has a great time and feels that there’s no place else they’d rather be.
EviHowdyWe are looking forward to your visit: stop by and discover our quirky café and shop, where there’s always something happening and where you’ll always find a selection of new and unusual odds and ends to browse. Where there is always something to eat and drink that is just plain delicious. Where old things are transformed into new, preserving their best qualities. Where a cosy and social atmosphere awaits, and everyone is always welcome.
Markus would say, "All good", and it is this simple phrase that is the closest translation we can find to both the name and concept of tutti patschenggele: "tutti patschenggele" has always been Austrian-born Markus’s response to all questions directed at him in Italian — whether Come stai?, Cosa fai? or Parli l'italiano? — and he has always meant the same thing: All good, everything’s good.
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