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Bobo Widmann, one of Tini’s uncles, turned his passion into a profession in 2002 in one of Bozen’s oldest taverns, the Batzenhäusl. Ever since adding a brewery and beer garden to the property, Bobo has been making unfiltered craft beers from locally sourced ingredients. Together with his wife Evi, their children, and their children’s families, he brews more than 25 types of beer, many of which have won international awards.
The lagers, sours, stouts, pale ales and IPAs on the menu at tutti patschenggele are brewed in the Pustertal valley’s village of Pfalzen by brewmaster Zeke, a South Tyrolean resident from the faraway land of Maine. He fills his beers in cans that are memorable for their colourful, stunning designs.
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