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Silhouette T-Shirts
It just so happens that Clär Papst-Huber, a remarkably talented silhouette artist, was Markus' grandmother. She used her original designs to create postcards, greeting cards and children’s books in southwestern Germany’s historic region of Swabia. Markus wanted to celebrate his grandmother by reviving these wonderful designs of an almost forgotten art form. And so, tutti patschenggele features some of Grandma Clär’s designs on t-shirts for all ages.
Ritten T-Shirts
tutti patschenggele is located in the summer resort village of Oberbozen, atop the sunny high-mountain plateau of Ritten, and only 200 km (125 mi) from Markus’s hometown of Söll. Thus, we found it only appropriate to offer a selection of t-shirts with designs from Ritten: the historic Ritten narrow-gauge train and the inescapable panorama of the stunning Rosengarten have been captured and transformed by Tini’s sister Mimi into three striking designs that we’ve printed on t-shirts.
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