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Organic apple juice from Widum Baumann
South Tyrol is apple country, and here the apple never falls far from the tree. That’s why our Uncle Tommy grows a delicious selection of apples on his mountain farm in Afing at 1084 meters (3556 feet) in elevation, which he presses into delicious, unfiltered apple juice. He even ferments some of his apple juice into a sparkling cider. At tutti patschenggele it is served in its pure form, or in our Aepfl Sprudel, where it is paired with ginger beer and served over ice.
Sparkling Rocco
It doesn’t always need to contain alcohol. The Sparkling Rocco couldn’t be better proof of that: this spritzy South Tyrolean libation, slightly acidic and not too sweet, makes an excellent alcohol-free aperitif. Rocco sparkling apple juice is made from red-fleshed apples whose colourful pulp offers an attractive shade of ruby to your glass. And if you are still craving an edge to your aperitif, try our Patschenggele Spritz: Rocco apple juice paired with Cora Winery’s floral, dry Moscato Giallo.
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