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Patschenggele Spritz
Juice - Beer - Wine
Nowhere is tutti patschenggele’s core concept more tangible than within the shop itself, marked by an ever-changing interior design. All the furniture — the armchairs, sofas and all other things you can sit upon, the tables that give your hands a rest from its drink, the chest of drawers filled with our products on display — they are all for sale. The choice of pre-loved furnishings is intentional and part of the concept. Markus regularly travels the country and beyond, procuring unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture at flea markets, through acquaintances or other second-hand sources, refurbishing them himself before they debut in the shop. This keeps tutti patschenggele dynamic, cosy and vibrant, and you can look forward to finding new, special pieces of furniture with us again and again.
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