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Antique School Maps
Markus and Bettina like antique school maps. That’s why there are some hanging in tutti patschenggele. Yet as soon as they are hung on the wall they are quickly sold. Luckily, we have a large assortment.
Historic photographs on canvas
Tini and Markus have selected the most beautiful photographs out of the extensive Holzner and Gimbel family photo archives and had them printed on canvas at Klobenstein’s printing workshop. From landscape views with a VW Beetle in the foreground, to skiers dressed only in their underwear, to a tennis match in front of a Dolomite panorama – unique designs are the status quo here.
Silhouette postcards
Clär Papst-Huber, the silhouette artist and Markus’s grandmother, has left us countless original silhouettes. We’ve put them to good use by printing these designs not only on our t-shirts, but on postcards, too.
The pop art saints
At tutti patschenggele we also sell pop art icons of saints and patron saints for every occasion: as wall art or as a pendant for your handbag, made of recycled materials and designed in Italy.
Linocut Prints
Although Tini’s sister Mimi works mainly as a graphic designer and copywriter, she still finds time for other creative projects from time to time. Her linocut designs are hand-printed on natural fibre paper and can be found at tutti patschenggele as posters or greeting cards.
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